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Joseph Bliska

Photo of Joseph Bliska


"Mr. Bliska is one of the newest staff members to Kitscoty Jr/Sr High School. His favorite animal is the Baby Kangaroo. He has lived in Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut. He enjoys teaching, running, graphic novels, and wearing ties.
He is the proud record holder for consecutive good hair days, at 11,095 and counting. Yes, one for every day he's been alive. 
He is looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and laughing." 

Mr. Bliska is entering his 6th year of teaching and has been blessed to work all over this beautiful country, including New Brunswick and Nunavut. Having grown up in the Peace Region, he is excited to be back in Alberta with these wonderful students. If you see him in school or around the community, please wave as he is a big waver.