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Our Digital Lab space continues to grow and develop.  This space is a place for students to collaborate and get creative with design, photography, animation, and video production.  To help with this we have 15 brand new iMacs, a class set of DSLR Canon cameras, handheld video cameras, Ozmo Mobile 3 Gimbals, LED light boxes, Green Screen walls, and a few other tools of the trade.  Robotics doesn't get overlooked either as we have a class set of Sphero Boltz and Tello Edu Drones used in various classes to spark learning and discover coding.

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Each of our classrooms has been equipped with a computer for our teachers to use to assist with delivering lesson material. These computers connect to the district Wide Area Network and internet. The teacher can develop and display information, graphics, assignments and video via the ceiling mounted projector. The projector displays the information onto the speaker equipped SmartBoard, an interactive whiteboard that acts as a computer interface. All computer functions can be controlled at the SmartPanel in front of the class.