VIBE is a Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative which is an integrated, multidisciplinary team approach in providing promotion, prevention and early intervention addiction and mental health services to children, youth and their families within Kitscoty High School. VIBE is one of 37 projects in a province-wide Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative. The initiative is led by the AHS – Addiction and Mental Health in partnership with Alberta Education and other partners and community agencies, with funding from Alberta Health and Wellness.

The overall goal is to build resiliency skills in children, youth and families and to support all children and youth to stay in school and succeed.  VIBE’s role in Kitscoty High is to bring programming to students based on their grade and need.  Our programming focuses on reducing anxiety for students by teaching the concepts and skills related to being more mindful.  

Our programs include:

- Building Mental Wellness     

- Study Skills     

- Diploma Prep  

- Self Esteem     

- Seven Habits   

- Social Skills

- Hope   

- Conflict Resolution     

- Developmental Assets

- Strong Interest Inventory ($15)

All of our programs are free except for the Strong Interest Inventory.  Kirsten Evans, VIBE Coach is in KHS one day a week.  If you have any questions about VIBE, please feel free to contact the school office and we can put you in touch with her.